Shiho-shoshi (Solicitor)

As specialists in registration procedures about real estate and juridical persons, Shiho-shoshi have contributed to the development of the economic society and the protection of citizens’ rights.
According to the amendment of the Shiho-shoshi Act of 2002, Shiho-shoshi, certified by the Ministry of Justice, are granted the authority to represent clients in suits brought before courts of summary jurisdiction.
At present, more than 70%* of Shiho-shoshi have been certified by the Ministry of Justice and act as agents for suits in civil cases that concern matters up to ¥1.4 million.
Shiho-shoshi may also have responsibilities to settle and provide consultation for various legal problems that might occur in everyday life, such as preparing documents to be submitted to courts, supporting “pro se” suits, holding extra-judicial settlement talks and acting as arbitrators in disputes.

Shiho-shoshi was first established as a profession more than 140 years ago to represent clients in matters relating to daily life beginning in the Meiji period.
Since then, Shiho-shoshi not only opened offices in major cities in Japan, but also in rural communities and towns stretched throughout Japan providing legal services based on the needs of the average citizen. (*as of September, 2014)